January 19, 2021

January Wishlist

Anyone else feeling rather blah and uninspired in the fasion department lately? I think the monotony of rotating between the same pajamas and lounge wear is getting to me, which says a lot considering how much I love my pajama and lounge collection! I guess that's just bound to happen when there's not much to get dressed up for these days. Understandable but so very uninspiring. 

My January wishlist is very reflective of where we are at these days - lots of lounge & some no fail basics in the form of cute sweaters & denim! I'm optimistic I won't be in this funk forever. To ward off these style blues, I'm thinking of trying to 'dress up' a couple times a week - even if it's just a favorite pair of denim & a sweater! That and a dose of gratitude should do the trick. At the end of the day I am lucky to have clothes on my back at all! 

What are you doing to stay inspired these days?

xo. G

1 comment:

  1. Agreed! PJs, lounge wear, uniform, occasional jeans and a sweater...UGH! Trying to make my lounge wear a bit more "dressy" love my new camo lounge sweater!