September 07, 2022

A Note on Nostalgia

Using nostalgia as a reminder to enjoy exactly where you are right now.

I've always considered myself more nostaglic than the average person. Endings seem harder & I hold my most precious memories close to my heart. A few seconds of daydreaming and the past doesn't seem too far.

As the end of the summer approached, I found myself reflecting on the passage of time. How these summers of my late 20s have been so sweet & so good to me, and while they will likely & hopefully always be that way, time will pass and it will change them. They wont always be exactly as they are today. And that gave me pause.

I found myself thinking about how someday in the years to come, I will find myself looking back on these summers and feeling nostalgic for them. For their ease, my independence, the time spent at my childhood home with my parents. The passage of time will slowly and quietly change things without me even realizing, until one summer day years from now, that familiar feeling of nostalgia will creep in & remind me of what once was. 

The chapter I am living right now, I will someday be nostalgic for. It is food for thought for sure.

I wanted to share my recent musings so that they can serve as a reminder to not only live in the moment, but also to just slow down and appreciate where you are at in your life right now. And really enjoy all of it - the sweet spots just as much as the uncertain ones. The passage of time will also give us clarity on all the anxieties of the past. Time tends to work things out as they are meant to be. Trust that & enjoy the here and now. 

Nostalgia might pull you to the past now, but someday it will pull you to exactly where you are right now. Don't you want to know you did everything you could to enjoy this moment and this chapter while you still have it? I know I sure do. I hope you do too. 

xo. G

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