September 13, 2022

My Wishlist for Fall

At the beginning of every season, I like to do a roundup of all the new styles & pieces that are catching my eye. It not only gets me excited for the change in season, but it helps me take inventory of what styles I already have & which ones I want to add to my wardrobe. It's also helpful in setting the style tone for the next few months! 

I think it's important to be mindful and selective when building a wardrobe. It's easy to feel like you need it all, but really all we need are quality, timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. Of course, trendier pieces are fun to incorporate here and there, and my rule for that is to make sure that the trendier piece is still true to you and your style. Make sure it still speaks to your personal aesthetic and you love it - don't do it just because everyone else is doing it. 

Anyways, I digress. Without further adieu, here are all the pieces that I've added to my fall wishlist. It is early in the season and I am already impressed!! I can't wait to start styling looks as we get further into autumn - I'll be sharing here, so be sure to keep following along! 

xo. G

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