September 14, 2022

Spotlight On: Platform Heels

Standing only five feet tall, I have always had an infinity for heels. Being as petite as I am, they have always been a wardrobe piece that I have never had to think twice about wearing. Throw a pair on me with any heel hight & I still won't be that tall. Although sidebar - I am a big believer & supporter of wearing whatever you want regardless of what anyone thinks - I think a tall girl in a heel is a vibe & I am here for it. Wear what you want & do not apologize for it. End of story. 

The taller the better has always been a personal motto of mine when it comes to a heels, so I am so thrilled that platforms are having a big moment right now. Platforms tend to be a bit more comfortable to wear and they are the most fun! I am all about them & here for their moment in the spotlight. 

I've included all my favorites as of late - both high and low pieces, so a variety of price points. I understand for some investing in the designer version of a shoe isn't the most practical, which is where designer dupes come into play nicely. To be honest, they look exactly the same. I can't speak for comfort, but it's a nice way to test out a style without breaking the bank. If investing in a piece that you will wear and love for years to come is more your vibe, there are a few mixed in for you too.

The beauty of it all, is there is something for everyone. Xx. 

xo. G

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  1. I'm pretty sure anybody who works the muscles in those areas on the weekly are gonna have a nicely defined ass and legs. Wearing heels doesn't even guarantee that once you know how to walk in them you'll good in them.