March 20, 2023

A New Favorite Candle for Spring

I am a creature of habit when it comes to candle scents - I'm a little bit picky, know what I like, and have my seasonal favorites that I rotate in & out throughout the year. However, I am not opposed to introducing something new, and when I find a new scent that I love, you can bet it's coming home with me. 

So, let me introduce you to my most recent discovery & a scent I know will become part of my permanent collection for many springs moving forward. Enter, Currant by Jenni Kayne. I am a lover of pretty much anything and everything that Jenni Kayne does, and her candle line is no exception. There are a couple scents I already know and love, so not surprising that this one is joining the scent party. 

It is currently sitting on my kitchen table, which is where I am writing from, and it's romantic aroma is filling the space - not even burning it, I might add. Bergamot, cassis, white rose, and oakmoss make up the scent profile, and let me tell you - it is good people. I smelled it at the Madison Avenue shop today & thought, yes, yup this is going to be my scent for spring. Which, what appropriate timing - happy first day of spring, by the way! 

Scents are so special & so personal, and I am excited to have a new scent to match a new season, both literally & in my personal life. I have a feeling that in years to come, when I burn this candle, the scent will take me back to the here & now. It will remind me of a chapter that marked a new beginning and fresh start for me. I already know I will smell it & smile fondly. Xx. 

xo. G