March 15, 2023

Using the Past to Practice Gratitude for the Present

As I sipped my coffee this am, I read HWM’s piece about the gratitude prompt “remember when you wanted what you have now?” She walks us through her thoughts on the notion and has a beautiful way of explaining & properly articulating the feelings that I think many of us have. I’m not going to delve into my thoughts on it more because she does such a fantastic job doing so, and also because I think the prompt itself is very self explanatory. I will however, encourage you all to subscribe to the (free!) weekly newsletter for more thought-provoking & inspiring conversations! 

As I read her piece, I started thinking about a similar gratitude practice that I wrote a blog post about at the end of last summer. The idea being that nostalgia for the past can help remind you to enjoy the present - more specifically, that the chapter you are living in right now, you will someday be nostalgic for. 

They are different ideas, yes, but very similar in the sense that they both use the past the help remind us enjoy the present. If you’re looking for a reminder to slow down, soak in the present, and really enjoy the here and now, I encourage you to read both pieces. They tie together beautifully - what you have right now is what you once wanted at some point in the past, and what you have right now you will someday feel nostalgia for in the future.

It is food for thought for sure & an excellent reminder to be grateful for the present. Xx.

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xo. G

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