November 17, 2017

Tips for Mixing Prints

Stripes and gingham have always had a special place in my heart (and wardrobe!), so today I wanted to share how to incorporate them both into one look. Mixing prints can often be intimidating, but if done right can result in a fun twist on a classic look!

I can't say I am an expert by any means, but in my experience with mixing prints there are definitely a few pointers I try to stick with. With the holidays just around the corner I thought I would share a couple of them since all the plaid comes out this time of year ... a personal favorite! When deciding to take the plunge and mix some prints here are some things to remember:

  • Keep the color palate the same, or similar enough. As long as the colors complement each other you don't have to worry about clashing prints! 
  • Break up the prints with solids. In the above look, I used my pixie pants and black quilted vest to tone down the gingham and stripes 
  • Remember, stripes go with everything - including most prints! 
  • Use one print as your base and another as an accent. In this look, the gingham boy shirt was the focus and the striped turtleneck served as just the right amount of accent. 
  • Play around with different fabrics, for instance a lace or tweed. In this holiday look I mixed with floral and plaid using these lace pants
  • Lastly, in the wise words of Jenna Lyons...leopard is always a neutral.  


What are your favorite prints to mix? Please share below, I'd love to hear!

xo. G 


  1. You pull it together so well! How about some plaid?

    1. Thanks Mom! Yes, definitely breaking out the plaid soon - can't wait!