February 21, 2018

Brightening Up Looks for Spring

Guys, it was over sixty degrees here in Connecticut yesterday and is forecasted to be again today (!). Amazing! I forgot how much a little sunshine and warm weather can impact your entire mood and outlook - in the best possible ways. Keep it coming! 

Of course I know this weather is just a brief taste of spring and I have no doubts that winter will rear it's head again, but it is still such a nice reminder that spring is just around the corner. Thank goodness! I have expressed recently how I am reaching my limit in the winter wardrobe department, and these warm couple of days have me wanting to bust out all the spring clothes. However, I can't get ahead of myself, we aren't there quite yet but I am definitely starting to incorporate some more spring-like pieces and vibes into my end of winter wear. 

I think the easiest way to do this is to start opting for lighter colors instead of all the dark hues we tend to reach for all winter long. Now, I'm not saying reach for all your springtime pastels, but incorporating lighter washes of denim or pretty prints (see here!) can help lighten and brighten these end of winter looks. I for one am all for brightening the mood!

Since we are technically still in winter, to help keep the look seasonally appropriate, use accent pieces and accessories to tone down the lightness of the look. As much as I would love to start walking around in a good all white ensemble, it just isn't time for that yet - soon enough! In the look above I loved playing around with darker jewel tones and winter specific textures like fur and velvet. It didn't take away from the brightness of the look too much but also helped keep it appropriate for the end of February. 


xo. G

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