February 14, 2018

Styling Jumpsuits during the Winter Months

I'm not going to lie, jumpsuits are a piece that I typically associate with warmer weather. They aren't something I usually reach for in the winter months, however I was thinking about this a couple weeks back and had this thought... why the hell can't they be a year round style!? I love a good jumpsuit, and want to wear it year round, not just when the weather tells me I can! 

With that realization, I decided I was going to go for it. I'm pretty much over winter at this point, and definitely over my wardrobe selection reflecting that it is still only February (ugh), so I reached for one of my favorite jumpsuits and ran with it. And guess what... I love love love how it turned out! 

Making something seasonally appropriate, whatever that piece may be, comes down to how you style it. In this case, I paired this beautiful floral print jumpsuit with a leather jacket to provide an added layer, and threw on some fur-lined mules to replace sandals. I am just loving the contrast between the very feminine print and the edginess of the leather - they work so beautifully together! 

I'm sad to report that the jumpsuit I am wearing above is from this past summer, so needless to say it is not available anymore, but I have rounded up some other options that are just as lovely. The great thing is, that many of these jumpsuits will transition so easily into spring and summer as the weather starts to warm up. It's like buying two for the price of one, you can't beat it! 


p.s. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you are all celebrating all the love in your life! Xx. 

xo. G

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