February 26, 2018

Resort Wishlist

Other than the few beautiful days we got last week, the weather here in New England has been so gloomy lately. I shouldn't be surprised as this is typical for this time of year, especially for March which is quickly approaching, but man oh man does it have me dreaming of a vacation someonewhere warm!

I have a few warm weather trips planned but both aren't until the end of April and early May, so still a bit far out. I am so looking forward to them for quite a few reasons - warm weather is the obvious one, but also because of all the resort pieces I will be able to wear. Is there anything better than ditching the heavy, dark winter wear for light, bright, and airy spring pieces? Nope, nothing!

I have spent a good amount of time as of late perusing all the new spring arrivals - I think as an attempt to mentally escape winter - and I can say without hesitation that I want it all and need some warm temps in my life! Check out all my favorites for spring & get busy planning your next warm weather getaway. Enjoy!

Is sunshine and warm weather in your future? If yes, where to!?

xo. G

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