June 19, 2018

Summer Travel Destinations

Hi guys, I'm back, finally! I had the most incredible two weeks traveling in Europe - if you were following along on Instagram, then I know you saw some of the highlights! I am of course sad that the trip is now behind me, but I am so happy for the memories I'll forever hold close. It is always nice to get back into a routine after being away for so long, but traveling always leaves me wanting more! It never quenches my desire to travel, but only makes it that much stronger. There are so many places out there to explore and I find myself constantly adding new destinations to my list.

The only thing I was looking forward to upon my arrival back to the states was the fact that we would for the most part be in full-on summer mode! It always feels like summer takes it's sweet time to arrive in New England, but typically by the middle of June we are finally there. I think it's safe to say we have made it (hallelujah!). As I write this post, it is already a balmy 75 degrees outside and it's only 8am.. I love it. I can't help but feel so happy when the weather is like this. I was not born in the summer months, but summer is definitely my season.

Having done such a big trip at the beginning of June, it's safe to say I will be staying a little bit closer to home over the next few months. That isn't to say I will not be venturing out and exploring some new (& old) destinations, because you know I most certainly will be! Lucky for me, many of the most sought after summer destinations - think coastal charm & all the lobster - are right in my back yard. Thank you New England! To be honest, I love summers in New England so much that I don't really want to leave for any extended amount of time anyways.

With summer finally here and my wanderlust still at an all time high after my last trip, I have been brainstorming all the spots I want to check out over the next few months. I've rounded them all up below & you know I'll be sharing my travels with you - stay tuned!

 Fun fact: I've never been to Nantucket. Shocking I know, right? From what I've gathered Nantucket it totally right up my alley, so the fact that I've still yet to visit comes as a surprise to me as well. I spent most of my summer family vacations as a kid on the Cape, and sometimes the Vineyard, so I guess that explains why I've never gotten out to Nantucket. However, I definitely want to change that this summer. I'm ready for all the lobster rolls, lighthouses, and coastal charm that my heart can handle! 

Watch Hill, R.I. 
 This one doesn't come as a surprise, as I've talked about Watch Hill many times on Faith & Fancy. Watch Hill holds a very special place in my heart - it's where I've spent many many summer days over the course of my 24 years, it's where my heart is the happiest when sitting on the beach, and it's where I would someday love to get married (a girl can dream, right!?). It not only represents, but it is the real life version of everything I love about summertime, New England, and coastal charm. And for those reasons and more, it is a destination I will get to time and time again this summer and every summer that follows. 

The Hamptons 
Another spot I've never been to but am dying to check out. Technically not New England, but I'm more than willing to step outside of NE when white sandy beaches, hydrangea lined streets, and high-end restaurants and boutiques are involved. I once read the Hamptons described as 'a beach vacation with a side of glitz' - definitely something I could get behind, so I think it's time to check it out. The beauty of living in Connecticut, is that the Hamptons (& Watch Hill and ACK) are really so close. Being quite literally right across the Sound, a trip to the Hamptons is a no-brainer. 

Block Island 
As I'm crafting this list of summer destinations, I'm really surprising myself at how many of these spots I haven't been to. Need to change that real quick! I've always heard people rave about Block Island, especially since it's such an easy day trip from Connecticut. I've heard renting bikes to cruise around the island on is a must-do, as is taking advantage of all the walking trails & open space the island offers. 

Portland, ME 
I've been to Portland many times now, but nothing compares to Maine during the summer months. It is New England at it's finest, and nothing is quite like exploring all it's coastal towns. With Portland as your base, it is easy to drive up and down the coast on the hunt for the best beaches and even better  lobster rolls! You won't find fresher lobster anywhere else... I will promise you that! Last summer I shared a post with all my recommendations for a weekend away in Portland - definitely worth checking out if you're planning a trip! 

Newport, R.I. 
Almost forgot to add this to my list, which would have been a sin! I've been to Newport too many times to count, but it never loses it's allure. Between the magic of the Gilded Age mansions, it's location right on the coast, and it's fabulous downtown scene - restaurants & bars included- it's hard not to want to make a trip to Newport in the summer months. I highly recommend spending a long weekend, or even just a day here!

p.s. Stay tuned for all things Europe! I will be sharing many posts over the next few weeks related to my travels. Be on the look out! 

xo. G

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