June 25, 2018

Weekend Look No.1

Happy Monday! I hope you're getting back into the week with ease - is it me, or are Mondays a little bit harder during the summer months? I think because summer weekends are just that much sweeter than weekends during the rest of the year! Cannot complain about that, I will take it & just keep looking forward to the next weekend to get me through!I had a lovely weekend here in Connecticut. It was the perfect combination of wining & dining, relaxation, and catching up with friends and family. I spent yesterday afternoon celebrating my childhood friend who is a soon-to-be bride! It was the most perfect bridal shower & has made my excitement for the wedding that much greater. July 21st cannot get here fast enough! The weather here in New England can't seem to make up it's mind! This weekend was all over the place as far as weather is concerned & Saturday was actually a bit chilly. I found myself reaching for my favorite boyfriend denim and this new linen popover shirt. It is a look that is equal parts comfort & style. Although I am hoping the weather gets and stays a bit warmer (it's looking like a heat wave is coming ... !), this look is a good one to have on hand for those chillier summer days. As always, I've linked it below so you can shop for yourself. Enjoy! 



xo. G

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