May 22, 2020

May Wishlist

We are quickly approaching summer weather, which means time to prep our wardrobes with all the breezy dresses, cheeky swim, and fun summer accessories. This is truly my favorite season to shop & dress for so I am thrilled. At this point, it is no surprise that this summer is likely going to look quite different than past summers, so I think our approach to shopping should be different too.

I'm a firm believer that less is more for most things, and that is a definite this summer. The fact of the matter is we just don't need a lot (not now, not ever). This season, I encourage you to be more selective in your purchases - instead of buying everything you lust, only buy a few special pieces that will get so much love this summer, and most importantly will bring you joy each time you wear them. Finding the joy in our lives is more important now than ever - even if that's just slipping into a favorite dress in your backyard!

xo. G

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