January 11, 2017

Goal Setting

I have talked in the past about how I feel goal setting is an important part of future success in all aspects of life. Whether it be goals related to your career or personal life, consciously setting and writing down those goals is crucial to actually achieving them. I think when we think of goal setting, the big goals pop up into our head, but do we ever take a moment to think about how we are going to go about achieving those big goals? It is great to have those long-term big goals to keep us driven, but they are most certainly not goals that can often be accomplished overnight. As nice as it would be to reach our goals and dreams overnight it just doesn't happen like that. On the plus side we can set smaller goals that when accomplished bring us that much closer to our dreams. Those smaller goals can be achieved much easier and by doing so they serve as the stepping stones to reaching those grand goals. By consistently setting and accomplishing the little goals, we are actively working towards the big ones!

The best way to go about setting smaller goals for yourself, is to ask yourself how you are going to accomplish your big goals. What needs to be done on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis in order for that big goal to be reached eventually? The answers you come up with from that question then become the small goals that you actively work towards. Those small goals of course can and should consistently be evaluated and tweaked as necessary to ensure they are  effectively leading you towards accomplishing your big goals.

I have been thinking a lot about my own goals and even made it one of my resolutions to be better about setting goals. It is something I want to focus on more in twenty seventeen and it is my hopes that it will help bring me closer to achieving my own goals. Below I am sharing some of my twenty seventeen goals - big and small - as I truly believe that writing down your goals and sharing them with people holds you accountable for making things happen. Hope you enjoy hearing them and coming up with your own set of goals for this new year!


Become a Certified Spin Instructor // Ever since being introduced to spin classes in college I have been hooked. It is one of the very few exercises classes that I truly enjoy and also feel is a really good workout. Not only does it have so many physical benefits, but mentally I always feel inspired, renewed, just all around happier after a good spin class. I have always said that I want to teach spin classes at some point and I feel like twenty seventeen is going to be that year!

Run Two New Half Marathons // For the past three years I have completed at least one half marathon a year. It was a goal I made after completing that very first half, and a goal I intend to keep forever. Not only does it motivate me to train for and run a half marathon every year, but it is most certainly is a sense of accomplishment when I do. I feel proud of myself for keeping that promise I made to myself three years ago. This year I want to branch out and run some half marathons in new places! I think it will be a great way to try something new and swith up the scenery.

Do Yoga At Least Once a Week // As a gymnast growing up, it is no surprise that I had flexibility on my side for many years. Flexibility is one of the elements of fitness that not everyone has or values, but that because of my gymnastics background I was lucky enough to have. Since having stopped gymnastics about six years ago, my flexibility, although not gone, has definitely diminished. It is my hopes that consistently going to yoga (and stretching more) will help get it back. Not only that, but yoga has so many other benefits that I would love to take advantage of!

Grow Faith & Fancy // This is one of those lofty, broad, big goals that is most certainly not going to happen over night. However, it is my hopes that by making and accomplishing monthly and weekly smaller goals, I will keep on chugging along and getting closer to accomplishing this one!

Consistently Get Three Blog Posts Up a Week // They always say 'consistency is key'. This advice can be applied to many aspects of life, but it most certainly applies to the blog world. I've tried to be as consistent as possible with content and getting posts up on a regular basis, and since finishing up nursing school, I think I've done a decent job. However, sometimes posts go up Monday, Wednesday, Friday, sometimes it's Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes it's some other combination, and I want to do better than that. My goal moving forward is to at least get three posts up a week - ideally Monday, Wednesday, Friday at six am. Ideally I will get Tuesday, Thursday posts up as well, but for now this is a good start!

More Outfit Posts // This is something I have been trying to do for a while now. The outfit posts I have done have been some of my favorite posts and I really want to bring more of that to Faith & Fancy. However, I have struggled because I unfortunately can't shoot my own outfits myself! If I could I would, but that is not the reality. My sister has been my go-to person for this, but when she's at school it's hard to make it happen. Regardless, it is my goal to do whatever it takes to make it work and get those outfit posts up on a more regular basis. Stay tuned!

Start Saving Money // Up until this point in my life I haven't been the best when it comes to saving money. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to shop, which definitely doesn't help in the money saving department, but I think the bigger issue has been I just really have never had much money to save in the first place. Having finally been done with school, I can now get a 'big girl' job, start making real money, and saving that money! Hallelujah.

What are some of your goals for twenty seventeen? I would love to hear! 

xo. G

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