January 04, 2017

New Year's Resolutions


Ah, those good old New Year's Resolutions. I feel that there are two very different camps when January first roles around and the term 'resolutions' is making a much more frequent appearance. There are those who could care less about resolutions and have a 'why bother' attitude, and then there are those who are all gung-ho about making quite the list of resolutions. And then there is me -  I fall somewhere in the middle of that.

I feel there are definitely benefits to making resolutions come the new year, as long as what you choose are quality resolutions. By quality resolutions, I mean that they are personal to you and not just the cliché resolutions you hear every year. In order to determine what those resolutions are, it requires you to take a moment and really reflect on yourself. I think self reflection is important all throughout the year, but especially when getting ready to take on a New Year. What better way to enter into a New Year than by looking at ways to better yourself and put your best foot forward! That is my plan at least, and below I am sharing the resolutions that will allow me to do that. Enjoy!

1. Say Yes More // This is one of my favorite resolutions this year and has been something I had been thinking about a lot leading up to the New Year. My trip to Europe back in the fall most definitely is the inspiration for this resolution, as I feel I said yes to so much on that trip. Even the things I felt iffy about doing or had reservations about, and guess what happened? - I didn't regret a single one thing I said yes to and ended up so happy I did it. Yes of course I was travelling and that isn't the most accurate representation of real day to day life, but I figured that only good things could result if I you're brave enough to just say yes. So in 2017 that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to say yes - to new opportunities, new people, and new adventures. What is there to lose?

2. Read Before Bed // I am really going to try and be better about reading before bed this year. There are always so many books I want to read, but I just don't seem to make the time to sit down and actually read. Not only will reading before bed give me the time to actually read some of the books I've been wanting to, but it is also a much better alternative to mindlessly scrolling through Instagram before bed. It's a win-win!

3. Drink More Water // This one pretty much goes without an explanation. There are so many benefits  from drinking water, and I want to strive to be better with my hydration through plain old water! With all the super cute water bottles these days, and tasty ways to stay hydrated there are no excuses!

4. Journal on a Regular Basis // Another New Year's Resolution inspired by my travels around Europe. As you know I journaled myself through my month long adventure, and was so happy that I did. I now have a book of memories that I can always look back upon for the rest of my life. I don't want to only be able to look back upon trips I've taken, but I want to be able to look back upon all different aspects of life. Not only will journaling allow me to do that, but writing in and of itself is good for the soul!

5. Strive for a Healthy Lifestyle // Not to make excuses but between the hustle of nursing school, a month in Europe, and the recent holidays, twenty sixteen was definitely the year I strayed a bit from the healthier lifestyle I usually strive for. It is nothing I feel bad about, and to be honest with all I had going on last year I am happy to have even kept up with working out as much as I did, but I definitely want to get back on track this year! I value living a healthy lifestyle and feel it is something that should be strived for year round. With the new year upon us I plan on doing just that!

6. Set Goals More Frequently // I am a firm believer in goal setting. Setting goals (and actually writing them down) is one of the best ways to actually accomplish them. I think the best way to do that is to take your 'big' goals and break it down into smaller goals. By accomplishing those smaller goals you are steadily getting closer to accomplishing the big goals! I definitely always have big goals floating around in my head, but I want to be better about making those smaller ones. Twenty seventeen you are going to be the year of smashing those goals!

7. Be More Punctual // I'll admit it, I am guilty of not being the most punctual person in the world. It's not so much that I am always late for things, but more that I get to wherever I am going just in the nick of time - aka I always feel like I'm rushing around to get to wherever I'm going on time. No good. The start of twenty seventeen felt like a good time to break this bad habit!

8. Make that Extra Effort with Friends // Anyone who is out of college knows that getting together with friends post-grad is hard! The days of walking down the hall to hang out with friends is (sadly) long gone, and with people all over the map, doing all sorts of exciting things, it is hard to coordinate schedules. Hard, but not impossible! With a little effort it can most definitely be done - it just takes that little extra. Even if it is difficult to get together in person, making the effort to shoot a friend a 'thinking of you' text or even picking up the phone and calling them can be such a meaningful gesture.

What are some of your New Year's Resolutions for 2017? I'd love to hear! 

xo. G

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