January 03, 2017

Hello January and Hello 2017!

Can you believe that we are officially in January of twenty seventeen! I need to keep pinching myself because I'm in disbelief that twenty sixteen has come and gone, and here we are ready to take on a new year! I am very excited to see you January, and think you are going to be the start of one really amazing year. Check out some of my January finds below! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

New Year's Quotes // I love words, I love quotes, and as I shared here, I love New Years! So of course, I was all over these New Year's quotes. It amazes me the power that words have to change our perspective, make us think, and inspire us. I hope that these ten quotes do just that for you - I know that they most certainly have inspired me to embrace the fresh start of a new year.

Writing is Good for Your Soul // Ah, now this is such a good one. Twenty sixteen most definitely taught me just how good writing can be for you. Not only did I not know my own capabilities when it came to writing, but I had no idea the power of getting your emotions on paper. Of course writing is good for your soul for many reasons, regardless of how strong of a writer you think you are. I definitely urge you check them out and get inspired to write a little bit more this new year!

January Horoscope // Raise your hand if you are as guilty as I am of reading (and maybe believing) your horoscope a little too much... no shame. Regardless of how believable or true they are, I still get a kick out of reading my horoscope and believe there is no harm in doing so!

Resolutions You'll Keep // With a new year comes those damn resolutions. Some people love making them, whereas others won't even bother. I think they are important and are a great way to keep yourself accountable for changing your lifestyle or habits. However, I feel like they need to be high quality resolutions that are personal to you, and that can be achievable (with effort) as opposed to just the cliché resolutions you hear people throw around every January. If you haven't made your resolutions list I think that reading through these is  a good place to start for a little inspiration! I'll be sharing my twenty seventeen resolutions with you later this week so stay tuned!

Detox Drink  // I don't know about you, but I am totally feeling the post-holiday hangover right about now. After a couple weeks of too much sugar, indulgent food, and not nearly enough water or work outs, it definitely catches up with you! I am feeling it, ugh. Time to get back to that much needed healthy lifestyle, and although one detox drink won't undo all the holiday damage done, it's a good place to start!

January Wishlist...

xo. G

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