January 12, 2017

Winter Coat Guide

For those of you living in the New England area like myself, you can attest to how cold it has been here recently! Although yesterday and today have been unseasonably warm, this unfortunately won't last and January as we know it in the Northeast will be right back. Living in Connecticut for the entirety of my life has taught me that the only way to survive the cold and often long winters is to bundle up. As nice as it would be to cuddle up inside and just skip winter, that is sadly not reality so a good winter coat is the only saving grace!

Of course no one wants to sacrifice style for the sake of staying warm - at least I know I don't want to. When it gets cold my mother always tells me it is not the time to worry about style, however,  I believe both can be achieved if you have the right items in your closet! A good winter coat (or a couple different ones) is a necessary staple, and although they can be pricey, a good quality coat is an investment worth making. Since we are just about in the heart of winter, I thought I would roundup some of my favorite warm and of course stylish winter coat picks. Hope this helps you stay warm out there! Enjoy!

p.s. I own both the J.Crew belted puffer and the J.Crew cocoon coat and I love them both. They help keep me super warm and stylish all winter long!

xo. G 

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