January 24, 2017

Ten Ways to Declutter

As January starts to come to a close, I am finishing up some of the projects and goals I set for myself back at the beginning of the month. One of those was a big decluttering project - you name it and I was going to try to declutter it. This means everything from my closet and room, to my inbox and computer. With January being the start of a new year, it felt like the perfect time to declutter and really kick off the year with a fresh start!

Although I wouldn't consider myself to be crazy type A or super anal about things, I still value organization and cleanliness. If I let stuff start to collect and sit around, it slowly but surely starts to stress me out. I feel very strongly that the more you declutter your physical spaces, the more your mental state starts to feel more open and decluttered. If cleaning up a bit leads to a little bit more peace, then I am all for it!

I wanted to share ten different ways to declutter your life - everything from closets and cars, to iPhones and makeup bags. You name it and it's fair game! Even if you don't feel like you life or life spaces are cluttered, I urge you to still try some of these. I bet you have a lot of excess, unnecessary stuff and you didn't even realize it. I promise it will make you feel just all around better! Good luck and enjoy!

Ten Ways to Declutter 
1. Go through your inbox and delete any old, unnecessary emails - sort the rest into folders.

2. Unsubscribe from email lists you no longer want or need to be a part of. 

3. Organize desktop screens, phone apps and home screens, deleting what you don't use and organizing the rest.

4. Go through entire closet keeping only what you actually need and use - sort everything else into piles to donate, sell, or give away. 

5. Go through areas in your home that collect 'stuff' - again, throw away anything no longer of use.

6. Sort through and organize areas that are open to viewing - aka desk space, bulletin boards, etc.

7. Clean out any garbage or clutter from your car and then treat yourself to a car wash!

8. Spend five minutes a night tidying up before bed - makes a world of difference & keeps clutter down!

9. Clean out makeup and/or toiletry bag. Throw out anything expired, old, or no longer usable!

10. Let go of anything that no longer serves you, helps you, or brings you happiness - yes, that includes people as well as things.

Good Luck!

xo. G 

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