February 17, 2017

Friday Finds No. 15

Happy Friday my friends!! I have been putting in full forty hour weeks at a big girl job (!!) for the past few weeks, and Friday's have suddenly become that much sweeter! I hope your weekend is full of whatever makes your heart happy. Enjoy this week's Friday Finds!

Closure // Miss Maxie for the win once again. It's always good when it comes from Maxie, but this, this one is real good. I first read it while on the StairMaster at the gym, and something about sweating it out and Maxie's powerful words almost had me in tears. I've read it quite a few times since then, and each time it has proved to be just as good and just as powerful. Give it a read for some insight into the oh-so-tricky art of finding closure.

Lilly and S'well // Lilly x S'well x Starbucks. Can you say a few of my favorite things!? Not a whole lot not to love in that collab! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these. SO cute and the perfect water bottle to be carrying around with spring and summer coming up. They are limited edition and will only be offered in select stores, so get one while you can!

Love Has No Labels // Chances are you have probably seen this video circulating around facebook, and for good reason too! You know it's something good when video can make you feel something in under three minutes, and this video did just that. All the feels. In a world that often feels full of hate it can be easy to overlook the love, but this video proves their is love all around us. Absolutely worth the watch. It will be the best three minutes of your week. Love is love is love.

xo. G

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