Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Gifts!

It's almost Valentine's Day friends, and that means it's time to find the perfect little gift for those you love! This is always such a fun post for me to work on, as Valentine's Day is a holiday I've always admired. Simply put I love, love - and Valentine's Day is all about love. Of course, I think love should be expressed and celebrated all year round, but I'm all for a day that emphasizes it a little bit more than normal. In this sometimes crazy world we live in, it is so so important to remember all the love in your life and even more important to show it. Life is way to short to take any moment for granted and not tell people how you feel.

I encourage you to use February fourteenth as a reason to tell all your loved ones just how much you love them, and a small gift is the perfect place to start. This includes everyone - friends, siblings, parents too - not just significant others. I refuse to accept that Valentine's day is reserved only for those blessed with romantic love!

I've rounded up some of the most perfect gifts for all the girls in your life. How cute are these M.Gemi loafers!? I'm obsessed. I'm also loving this Paris tee and leather travel case - perfect for the jetsetter! If a gift feels like too much, even just a little love note on the cutest Sugar Paper card or a bouquet of flowers is the sweetest of gestures.

At the end of the day it's what comes from the heart that means the most! Any gesture of love will be greatly appreciated. Happy gift giving and more importantly never forget all the love in your life. Much love always, XO!

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