February 13, 2017

Winter to Spring

I'm not sure about you, but speaking personally, I am this close to booking a one way ticket to somewhere warm! Up until now, this winter season hasn't been all that bad here in New England. We've had our cold streaks and a couple snow storms, but all in all it's been pretty mild. However, the Northeast got slammed by a pretty big storm at the end of last week and then again a day of snow yesterday. Ugh. It's cold, gray, and all around ugly out there - which definitely has my heart longing for a change of seasons.

Being cooped up indoors has me dreaming of spring, warmer temps, and a brighter wardrobe. With the change of seasons not that far off, more spring pieces are definitely starting to make an appearance and let me tell you they are so tempting! Sadly however, it's pretty safe to say that the weather is not going to allow for that anytime soon. On a more positive note, there are ways to incorporate more spring-like colors and styles into one's wardrobe while still playing by winter's rules. Wearing brighter colors and fun patterns, will keep my heart happy until Spring is here and I can break out some warm weather pieces!

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xo. G

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