February 01, 2017

Hello February!

Happy February! Here we are with January come and gone - crazy how fast the start of the year has already gone! Although February is a shorter month, I am still excited for what is in store. Stay on the lookout this month for a yummy recipe that is perfect for Superbowl Sunday, and of course all things Valentine's Day! Check out some of my monthly finds below and enjoy this month of love! 

Embrace Being Single // All of you who are wifed up or happily in relationships you can skip right on down to the next one - this is for all my single ladies out there! There are so many things I love about this and I am all about the girl power it preaches, but what really spoke to me was the statement that 'more seasons lie ahead'. I think this point is something that we often forget is that nothing last forever, which includes being single. If you stop and think about it there are so many good things about being single, that before you know it will be replaced with the good things a relationship brings. I think it's important to enjoy what you have in the moment, and embrace it wholeheartedly before you more on to those other seasons of life!

Baublebar x Target // Another stellar collaboration with Target! Baublebar is one of the best places to get fun jewelry, and Target is, well, pretty great for just about everything, so this is a win-win collab for us! The line just launched yesterday and I am loving this floral statement necklace, these beaded drop earrings, and of course these beaded tassel earrings. The best news of all... all the pieces are under 30 dollars! Of course, there are so many more amazing pieces - head to your local target or shop online to check it all out.

Valentine's Day Desert Recipes // I don't know about you all but I'll take one of all please! My mouth was actually watering reading through this list. Chocolate dipped cherry meringues, raspberry cheesecake brownies, and red velvet lava cakes.... I mean doesn't get much more indulgent than that! Make these for your sweetheart or as the perfect sweet treat for a galantines dinner. Macarons are one of my favorite, and there might just be recipe coming to the blog soon. Stay tuned!

36 Questions for Love // I've shared this before in the past, but with Valentine's Day right around the corner I couldn't help but bring it back. I haven't gone through these questions in a while, and it was so fun to read through them again. I am still so curious about if theses questions can actually bring two people together and make them fall in love! I love the concept but want to know the validity behind it. Do I have any takers who want to experiment with me!? Ha.

February Horoscopes // Because who doesn't love a good horoscope!

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