April 01, 2020

101 in 1001 Round II.

Here we go! 101 in 1001 round two! I've been working on crafting my second list for quite some time now, but honestly couldn't think of a better time to finish it or share it than now. There is nothing quite like not being able to do much of anything, that makes you want to do everything.

Time is a weird thing right now, but it gives me immense hope that in 1001 days many of these items will be crossed off and our lives right now, although never to be forgotten, will be some sort of distant memory. I look forward to that day, as I'm sure you do to. 

Working on this list and reading through it now gives me hope and I'm sure your own list will do the same for you. If nothing else, creating your own 101 in 1001 list will act as a much needed distraction in this time of uncertainty. I hope you are all safe, well, and finding joy in the little things.

All my love, G


Run a marathon
Unplug for 24 hours
Run three half marathons
Invest in a classic handbag
Set up a Roth IRA
Give back to a cause Im passionate about
Reconnect with gymnastics coach
Go makeup free for a week 
Do 10 pull-ups
Solo trip
Send snail mail
Attend Church on a regular basis




Create a NYC Guide
Professionally redesign blog
 Buy a nice camera
Get to know/meet other bloggers
Attend a conference of any kind
Do a collaboration blog post 
Take a photography class 
Get my IBCLC certification 
Attend New York Fashion Week
Uprgrade computer 
Share apartment on Faith & Fancy



Friends & Family

Go to Ireland with mom, dad, & sister
 Vacation with family friends
Paris with my mom & sister
Visit family friends in La Jolla
Go out on the golf course with Dad
Have mom teach me how to cook three of her best recipes
Buy my parents an apple computer
Rent a house for with friends 

Visit my uncle and cousins in Australia
Take Dad to Charleston 
Family trip to Disney 




Travel to three new states 
Travel to two new countries
Travel to a new continent
Visit Charleston in the fall 

Go to Europe at Christmas time
Visit Nantucket
Get back to Chicago
Stay at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI

Travel to New Zealand & Australia
Get back to the Caribbean
Visit the Lone Star state 

Trip to Paris in the fall 
Do the Nantucket Christmas Stroll 
Get back to wine country
Island hop in Greece 
See the pink sands of Bermuda 
Take a croissant making class in Paris
Book a flight using airline miles 
Get Global Entry



Just for Fun 

Learn to ski
Take French lessons
See three new Broadway musicals
Watch a meteor shower
Visit three new museums 

Get a facial
Play a round of golf
Hot yoga class
First ‘splurge’ purchase
Try a Barre class
Go on a road trip
Host my first dinner party
Go skydiving
See Taylor Swift in concert
Surprise someone
Go to three new breweries 

New Year's Eve in another country
See Kygo perform live 
Fly first class
Seawheeze Half Marathon
 Master an at home marg 
Visit the Tuckernuck store
Rewatch Sex & the City from the beginning  
Take a cooking class 


New York 

See Wicked on Broadway
Go to Woeffler Estate Winery 
Rent a boat at the Loeb Boathouse
Go to the top of the Freedom Tower 
Visit the New York Botanical Garden
Get drinks at Bemelmans Bar 
Watch the Fourth of July fireworks 
Enjoy tea at the Plaza
Find the best view of the Manhattan skyline
 Picnic in Central Park
Eat at the Restoration Hardware restaurant
Have a 'Red Snapper' at the St. Regis - the original bloody mary
Take a trip to the Hamptons 
Find the best pizza in the City 
Run the NYC Half Marathon
Watch the Today Show out on the plaza 
Ice Skating in Rockefeller Plaza 
See Hamilton
Staycation in Brooklyn
See Billy Joel at the Garden
Find the best espresso martini in the City
See Monet's Water Lilies at the MoMA
Try ten new-to-me restaurants


Start Date: April 1, 2020
End Date: December 28, 2022

xo. G


  1. Happy to see I am in many of these! Exciting and ambitious list!!! Fun things to look forward to...

  2. Happy to see I am in many of these! Exciting and ambitious list!!! Fun things to look forward to...1001guide