April 25, 2020

Things that Spark Joy: Week No. 2

 Hearing Frank Sinatra's Theme From New York, New York playing out an apartment
window on my walk into work 

A few mid-day thunderstorms!  

The prettiest sunset sky on Monday night

Going for a morning walk with coffee in a hand - going to make a habit out of this one!

Watching Audrey Hepburn dazzle in Roman Holiday .. with a bowl of popcorn & glass of red wine of course

All the cherry blossoms in full bloom

Taking my camera  out with me on a stroll and capturing the beauty that is New York in the springtime

Finally having the burger I've been craving for the last two weeks!

Meeting and taking care of some of the sweetest patients

7 pm claps for essential workers

What sparked joy for you this week? Would love to hear!

xo. G


  1. Things that spark joy for me...

    Zoom Get togethers with you, Kelly and Dad!
    Connections with patients who appreciate the care I give.
    Supporting my coworkers.
    Listening to Easy Listening station on XM radio, it is calming and relaxing!
    Sitting at my desk and watching the birds fly around.
    Organizing my I phone photos and reminiscing!

    1. Love these!!! We are surrounded by things that spark joy - now and always!! I love taking the time to slow down and appreciate them. Xo