April 18, 2020

Things that Spark Joy: Week No. 1

Although I always find this important, I am realizing more now than every how crucial it is for us to take note of all the things - both big and small - that are bringing us joy.  Appreciating these little sparks of joy in my daily routine has filled me with hope, happiness, and has served as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there are glimmers of light.

I wanted to document this here on Faith & Fancy not only to inspire you to seek out your own sparks of joy during this difficult time, but also as a way to remember. To remember months or years down the road when this is all behind us, that even though this period of time was hard, scary, and full of uncertainty it was also a full of good things.

Good things, good moments, and good people are all around us, we just have to take a moment to recognize them. Each week until this has passed, I will be reflecting on all of the things that have brought me joy in that week. I hope you will join me in finding and being grateful for all the things that bring you joy this week too!

Things that Spark Joy 

The first batch of fresh peonies 
The Easter card my aunt sent me 
Discovering Love Island: UK 
When the rain finally stopped & it was a beautiful evening
Finding my favorite magazine by happenstance 
Deep cleaning my fridge! 
Starting a new book 
The kind letters sent to me by a NYC teacher's third grade class
Hearing the entire city clap at 7 pm while running through the park
The new french soap I bought to make hand washing more fun
Ylang Ylang essential oil

xo. G


  1. Aw, those are SO great!!! I love that you got cards from 3rd graders!!! You are so positive and I love that you find the pleasures in simple things like new soap! Things that gave me pleasure yesterday are along the same lines; deep cleaning my bedroom and master bathroom (scrubbing the floors), Ylang Ylang to make it smell pretty, rereading my beautiful Easter Cards that I keep on display, putting on Easy Listening music to calm and center me and smiling when I saw a cardinal fly by outside! Peace, keep on finding the special things, you inspired me to as well!

    1. Aw those are all wonderful things as well!! You've always taught me to find pleasure in the simple things - thank you! I saw a cardinal this week too - should have added it to the list!