January 12, 2018

101 in 1001 Update No. II

Happy Friday guys! Seeing as it is the start of a new year and considering I haven't done this in a while, I figured it would be a good time to share with you all another update on how I am doing with my 101 in 1001 List. I created the list in June of 2016, and then posted my first update in October 2016, just shy of five months later. It was amazing to see then what I accomplished in a fairly short amount of time, and it definitely gave me the drive to keep crossing things off my list.

Side Note: If you are confused at what I am talking about here, head to my original 101 in 1001 post to get caught up. Read the post, check out the list, and then head back here! This post will make a lot more sense to you! 

Here we are a year and seven months later from the creation of my 101 in 1001 list, with only a little more than a year to go! Kinda of crazy, right? March of 2019 will be here before I know it, and I hope to have the majority of the items crossed off my list. I will plan on doing another update in about six months and then the final update when the 1001 days is up!

For now, here is an update of what I have accomplished since October of 2016! Enjoy!


No Starbucks for a Month 
Surprisingly not that hard, and kind of just happened! 

Get my First Real Job
 Can't believe it's almost been a year already! Thrilled to be working as a maternity & newborn RN. 

Create 100 Blog Posts 
This seemed like a lot at the time, but here we are at almost 250 blog posts!

Start a New Blog Series 
New & Noteworthy Beauty

Buy a Custom Blog Domain 

Reunion Trip with College Friends
Spent a week in Florida last March! This year we have our sights set a little higher ... hello Spain!

Family Vacation to a Tropical Destination 
I was iffy to cross this one off the list, but decided to consider Florida as a tropical destination!

Professional Family Photos

Go to the Top of the Rock
I had been dying to do this for a while, and was so excited to finally do it! Definitely something worth doing if you're ever in the City.

Felt just a pampered as I thought I would, definitely will be going back!

New Year's Eve in NYC
Rang in the New Year of 2017 in the City!

John Mayer Live
Just as amazing as I imagined.

Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge

Try Fifteen New Restaurants
I didn't even realize I completed this one until I sat down and wrote down all the new restaurants I've tried since starting this!

I find this one funny as I have 'brunched' many times since creating my list.


Become a certified spin instructor - signed up and ready to go!
No sugar for a week - Currently on day five! I give credit to Whole30 for this one.
Run three half marathons - only one more to go!

One of the items on my list is to inspire someone else to create their own '101 in 1001' list. I hope this inspires you to do just that!

xo. G

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