January 24, 2018

Fifteen Cozy Loungewear Pieces

Does anyone else feel like they go into full blown hibernation mode in the winter months!? If you said yes, I am right there with you. When the temperature falls there isn't much I want to do other than cozy up inside and avoid leaving at all costs. Of course, not leaving the house is only achievable some of the time, but when it is I find myself reaching for the coziest loungewear pieces I own.

As of late, I have been living in these joggers and this super soft cardigan (currently wearing them both as I write this!). They are honestly some of the softest items I own - seriously the best! If you follow along on Instagram, you know that this pretty pink fleece pullover has also been a go-to of mine these past few weeks. I love that it is super warm and cozy, but also that I don't feel like a total scrub when I do venture outside and wear it out. It's the best of both worlds!

Since I find myself gravitating towards all things cozy in the winter months, I figured I would share some with you guys. Many of the pieces I shared above are ones that I own and love. If the weather has to be cold and dreary this time of year, then I will take it as an excuse to stay warm inside wearing something cozy. I hope you all are keeping warm, enjoy!


xo. G

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