March 27, 2018

Spring Beauty Refresh

Is it just me or is there something about Spring that is so motivating and inspiring. Spring is a much needed breath of fresh air - literally and figuratively - and it always gives me the energy to clean, organize, and update all the things. Everything from closets clean outs, to wardrobe updates, and even makeup bag refreshes are fair game. 

Today I wanted to share how I am updating and refreshing my beauty routine for spring! For the most part my beauty and makeup routine stays pretty consistent throughout the year. I like clean, classic looks but I'm always down to try something new and I think it's fun to update my routine each season. 

For spring, I think it's all about freshening up that look with pretty pinks on both the lips & cheeks. I am loving this highlighting blush, it is perfect for adding just the right amount of color and glow to your face. I also have been obsessed with this beauty booster, a lip & cheek color, by Trish McEvoy which is a new to me brand. I've been using it primarily on my lips for that perfect pink nude pout, but I'm certain it would be beautiful on the cheeks as well! 

Of course, no matter what season it is, your foundation is key to the entire look. I've been using this Bobbi Brown long-wear weightless foundation for a few months now and I have only good things to say about it! They aren't lying when they say long-wear or weightless. It truly keeps you looking fresh all day long, which is something I think we could all appreciate. 

Last but certainly not least is that springtime scent! Perfume is something I consider to be a big part of my beauty routine. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I haven't spritzed something on my wrists. I play favorites to quite a few perfumes, but I tend to rotate them through depending on the season. For spring I love fresh, floral scents and Jo Malone never disappoints! The peony & blush suede cologne is the perfect addition to my spring beauty routine.  



xo. G 

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