March 13, 2018

Spring Must Haves: Dresses

As I sit here writing this post, it is currently snowing outside... the third nor'easter in the past ten days for us New Englanders. UGH. Nothing sounds more appealing than some sunshine and warm weather right now! I am seriously regretting not booking a trip somewhere warm during the month of March. It is so easy to forget how much of a drag these last few winter months are until you are living through them and wondering when you'll see the sun next. I will most definitely be planning a trip to a warm weather destination for this time next year! 

I am craving the sunshine & warm weather, but also really looking forward to being able to break out all my springtime dresses. Is there anything better than a really cute sun dress? Nope - especially after a long winter! Despite the snow, I have to keep reminding myself that spring is not that far away and before I know it I will be strolling around in a pretty little dress in no time. I cannot wait! Check out all my favorite dresses for the season above. Enjoy!

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xo. G 

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