March 05, 2018

Monday Blues

Happy Monday guys! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - my New Englanders, I hope you survived the nor'easter. Who else is ready for some decent weather around here!? To say I cannot wait, would be an understatement. Unfortunately more snow is in the forecast this week, but it's officially March, so we are one step closer to spring!

I spent the weekend up in Boston, which feels like my second home as of late! It was a much needed chill couple of days spent relaxing, eating & drinking, catching up with friends, and living in this outfit! I'm not even kidding when I say that. It was on repeat this weekend and has been as of late - for good reason too. I'd forgotten how much I love a good denim on denim look!

A good pair of denim and classic chambray shirt is all you needed. Both staples that everyone should have in their closet in my opinion. I always feel put together, without really trying at all when I wear this classic combo. It's effortless, while still being comfy & cute. Can't beat that! Not to mention, it's easily replicable. Check out all my favorites below to make this look your own.

xo. G 

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