March 06, 2018

F&F Swimwear Guide 2018!

Guys, it's that time of year again.. swimwear season! Call me crazy, but now is the time to update your swim pieces in preparation for summer and any tropical getaways that might be coming up. Even if you don't anticipate needing a swimsuit any time soon, I highly recommend taking at least a glance at the new swim arrivals of your favorite retailer. Chances are you will find something that catches your eye, and if you don't scoop it up now, I guarantee it will be gone before the warm weather even gets here. No bueno. Better to get it now and have it ready for the first few beach days of the season!

Not to mention, shopping for & finding the perfect bathing suit is hard work. I know all you ladies can relate. Getting your hands on a cute bathing suit is one thing, but finding one that fits and is flattering to your body type is a whole other story. I've already ordered two suits (this one & this one) this season and ended up exchanging them both for different sizes - side note: size up with both of those suits! I now have them both in the right size, but am still not sold on if they are the right suit for me. This swimwear thing is a process! Again, better to do it now & not have to deal with it later on. 

I am guilty of doing a lot of perusing of the swim sections lately and have rounded up some of my favorites! There are a lot of amazing swimwear pieces out there this season, both one & two pieces. My goal of the season is to find the perfect one piece for me - wish me luck!




xo. G

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