September 08, 2017

A Farewell to Summer & Trusting the Seasons of Your Life

Well here we are, the weekend after Labor Day - one week closer to fall and one week further from the end of summer. This time of year, a brief transitional period between the end of what we know as summer and the official beginning Fall, is always bittersweet. While it is of course exciting that Fall is just around the corner, I can't help but always feel a bit sad when summer says adieu. It stems from moving on from the wonderful memories made, and I'm sure I can speak for many when I say that endings are just not my thing, regardless of how much finality they carry. Twenty-three years of life and the end of summer is just as bittersweet now as it was as a kid trading in bathing suits for back-packs. At this point I've accepted that it likely always will be, and that's okay. But I've also come to accept that the seasons will always change - we are never stuck in one, nor do we get to stay in the good ones for ever. Such is life. 

I once read somewhere to always trust the seasons of your life. It is a phrase that has resonated with me a lot recently. A few weeks back I was feeling a little bit stuck. Stuck at home, stuck at a job for at least another 6 months, stuck in Connecticut. None of these are bad things, by any means. They're all actually giant blessings - I have a job I love, a roof over my head, and a very comfortable lifestyle (thanks mom & dad!). It's just not exactly where I had pictured myself at twenty-three years old. I see my friends moving to cities, living on their own, doing the things that I pictured and still picture myself doing. And I just feel stuck.. 

Or I did. 

But the recent changing of seasons and a long run on a beautiful September evening reminded me otherwise. I am not stuck nor will I ever be stuck in one place, situation, or circumstance. This current season I find myself in - a post-grad limbo, for lack of a better word - is not permanent. It will pass, just like summer, and I will find myself onto the next season. 

As I say goodbye to summer 2017, I say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to finally see John Mayer live, for countless weekends by the sea, the most spectacular backyard firework display, for road trips with mom and dad, and for memories to last a lifetime with friends. You were a blessing, and I look forward to seeing you again.

I know that once I reach the end of this season of my life, I will have just as much gratitude for what it has given me. I will be thankful for getting off to a (somewhat) financially stable start, thankful for a wonderful job & mentors who helped teach and shape a new baby nurse fresh out of school, and I will be thankful for another three years at home with parents that love me so much - you are never guaranteed time with the ones you love, so I consider this the biggest blessing of all.

Until this season comes to an end, which we all know will also be bittersweet (because #endings), I will continue to trust this season and the universe's plan for me.


xo. G 

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